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At Bonhommes, we want you to be comfortable. We want you to feel welcome by the engulfing feeling of sincere care down to the last detail.  And although we want to somewhat impress you - and leave an impression afterwards - we do not want to overwhelm.

It is about you, about hospitality, about the pleasant life.

You are very welcome.

Visit Bonhommes to live, eat and have a drink

Staying with us?

In keeping with the relaxing and luxurious atmosphere of Bonhommes, you can also book our beautifully finished lofts for a stay of two or more nights. Enjoy our tranquil surroundings at only a 20-minute drive from Ghent, an ideal base for exploring the Leie region. 

Visit Bonhommes to live, eat and have a drink

Not staying with us?

Although our lofts are in themselves real oases of peace and luxury, the other rooms, which you can rent to set up an event of your choice, offer you everything you could possibly long for. With a whole team, thought was given to the smallest details, the qualitative decoration and balanced interpretation of the total concept.

You have come to the right place at Bonhommes for a carefree full experience.